Celebrating 25 Years of Children's Education and Entertainment
"Children are the Special Joys of Life©"

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We are grateful and thankful to be so well received by our children, parents, teachers and communities.
Read what they are saying about
Auntie Pooh the Storyteller and Friends!

Auntie Pooh, your talent is endless!  During a time when our children are being exposed to so much violence and negativity it is so good to have someone like Auntie Pooh with such a warm and compassionate spirit who possesses a special gift for communicating with young people of all backgrounds.  she could replace a lot of the violent video games, and negative programs that our children are watching on TV. Auntie Pooh has found a way to put a sparkle back in the eyes of many children who had just given up, she stretch their imaginations and raise the self esteem. Auntie Pooh believes that ALL children are special and she goes above and beyond to help them to see the greatness in themselves. Because of her genuine love for people and the level of fun and simplicity, passion, and energy she brings to the activities, even adults find themselves participating and allowing the inner child in them to come out.  Auntie Pooh enlist activities in her programs that provides  a level of competency she has, her energy level, knowledge, passion, and genuine love for children. Sponsoring this program and allowing Auntie Pooh to come into the countless homes through TV. Radio, and throughout the communities, as well as, on stage performances. These will be great ways get her out into the community more to empower children through the art of storytelling, music, song, reading, fitness, nutrition, teaching and them lifelong  social skills. This is one of the BEST programs I’ve ever seen, and because I know the level of passion that Auntie Pooh/Gwen has for it I know it can’t be anything but a success.

God bless you,
Estella H. W., Entrepreneur, Michigan


We are a homeschool family and our children were so engaged with smiles and laughter with Auntie Pooh's interactive story telling. At the time they were 9 & 10 years of age and they still speak of Auntie Pooh's stories at the ages of 12 and 13. Thank you Auntie Pooh for bringing back so many memories of my Great Grandfather's story telling days. Your gift is truly a lost art and we are thankful that our children had this wonderful experience. I would recommend all parents of all ethnicity's and cultures to take the opportunity to allow your children the same amazing experience as well.
God bless you Auntie Pooh and Friends

Elise White and Family, Maricopa, Arizona


Auntie Pooh we thank you so much for making the world a whole lot nicer. Auntie Pooh was just what we needed for the children and families of our Kid Support Program!  You "infused" the children with your love,
genuine warmth, and positive energy.  
You made them feel special,  joyful, and important.  
For this I am eternally grateful. 
You are a true blessing and gift for children.  
God bless you for all you do.  
Thank you for sharing your time, energy and talent with us.

Connie Lass, Linda Karr and Ted Varkas
Program Coordinator and Facilitators
JFCI Kid Support Group Program
"A support group for kids with cancer in the family"
Brownstown, Michigan


"With great enthusiasm Dr. Bernard Black School was thrilled with the presence of Auntie Pooh the Storyteller during our Black History Month in February.  She inspired over 1,000 children with beautiful stories about learning and never giving up. She showed them many different styles of music and instruments. Some of our student’s k-8 participated in a dance using many of the instruments. We will always remember the encouragement, motivation and challenge that were given to the students to become successful young people. I know they will never forget this experience.

-Mrs. Bonnie Coulter,
Parent Coordinator/
Bernard black Elem. School
Phoenix, Arizona


"Auntie Pooh and Friends promotes learning through storytelling and song.  She believes children are the special joys of life.  She is very concerned that children are healthy mentally and spiritually as well as physically.  Her love is infectious and the children feel it immediately.  She has mentored and encouraged many children to become the best they can be,while learning and pursuing their
goals and dreams.  
You haven't heard a story told until you hear Auntie Pooh."

-Billie Graves,
Friend of Auntie Pooh & Friends, Detroit, MI



"Auntie Pooh captured the audience of over 100 students at our Elementary School.  The children were in awe of her many talents.  She read stories, presented to them practical life situations to help them through everyday problems and taught them songs of joy and peace.  They left her presence feeling good about who they are and excited about learning to read."

-Mrs. Wilbie Cobb,
Teacher/Program Coordinator, Detroit, MI

Thank you Auntie Pooh for your wonderful performances at the Westwood Young Friends Program.  Your positive message and sparkling charisma enraptured my young students.  It is always nice to know someone believes in you and your work.  Do not underestimate that what you do is every bit as important.  I admire your ingenuity and optimism. 
I wish you the best and continued success in the future. Hopefully I'll be inviting you back soon! Take care of yourself.
Sincerely, Julie Pietrzen, Program Director
Westwood Young Friends


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